Author Accountability

Research suggests that employing an accountability coach will give you an 85% chance of success compared with the usual 25% success rate. This happens for two reasons:
1. We feel embarrassed and hate to let others down but are quite happy to privately procrastinate.
2. When we pay for something we are more likely to turn up and perform the agreed task.

Congratulations, every journey starts with a single step…

Please take your time and select the right package for you from the choices below. All coaching is done via skype. Please remember to add your skype ID and best email. There’s a space for you to add this information on the final checkout page (marked ‘Additional Information) prior to paying. Payment is via Paypal and accepts most major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. If you don’t already have a free skype account – get one here at then come back to continue. Once you’ve purchased a package I will personally contact you within 24 hrs via email to schedule our first session on skype.
Looking forward to working with you soon.

Warm regards Kev Webster

Author Accountability Coach

4 x 15 Minute Sessions
  • This package is perfect for anyone that wants to get some immediate and solid focus on their writing. Investing just 15 minutes a week will help you discipline your entire mind-set and approach to completing your book – please send a private email to me personally at kev(at) to check availability.
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1 Month Package

4 x 1hr Sessions
  • This package is perfect for anyone that wants to get some immediate and solid focus on the challenges they’re facing. This could be career moves, repeated relationship issues or other areas where you need some support. If you’d prefer to discuss this first – please send a private email to me personally at kev(at)
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3 Month Package

12 x 1hr Sessions
  • This package is ideal for someone who wishes to upgrade their skills or learn a new discipline. The first 100 days of new habit are crucial, helping you to embed new behaviors deep into the subconscious. No matter what you want to add to your skill set – this package will go a long way towards securing your success.
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6 Month Package

24 x 1hr Sessions
  • Making a long term commitment to your goals is often the biggest challenge you’ll ever face. This package gives you the space to tackle big changes within an optimum time frame. Ideally suited to professionals who want to feel in control of their personal goal setting and also add a high level of accountability.
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