5 Reasons why an Employee Wellbeing Initiative is Now More Important than Ever Before

It is no secret that the current Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a lot of job insecurity, increased stress levels at work and an overall strain on mental and physical health.

If there ever was a time for your employees to benefit from a wellbeing initiative, now would be it!

Below are some compelling reasons why a good employee wellbeing initiative can help your team:

1. Group Mindfulness Sessions help employees respond more positively to stressful situations.

HR professionals know that sound mental health is vital for teams to function optimally.

Unfortunately, poor mental health can have a knock-on effect on a person. Research has shown that the more stressed out, depressed, and anxious a person is, the more likely they are to show physical symptoms as well. Over time, poor mental health can suppress the immune system, making the individual more prone to getting sick and having to take time off work.

Every person has their own stress threshold, but the past year has resulted in these limits being breached for many of us. We also know that stressful situations and life events can put a strain on even the most grounded and well-adapted individuals.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in people suffering from the virus and its long-term effects, losing loved ones, economic insecurity, isolation, and restricted support.

Mindfulness sessions help employees to better recognise the early signs of stress and give them the tools to cope more effectively with adverse life events.

The result? Improved functioning, more resilience and operational effectiveness.

2. Self-hypnosis teaches one how to relax on a deeper level.

Negative information about the current pandemic is all around us, making it difficult to focus on the positive aspects of life and unwind from work and other stressors.

Self-hypnosis sessions empower employees to use their own minds to enter a state of deep relaxation and can help them to put things into perspective.

These sessions teach the individual how to enter a state of focused awareness so that they can guide themselves into creative relaxation.

Employees who know how to relax on a deeper level have a greater chance of better physical and mental health, personal happiness, and self-confidence.


3. Hypno-motivation sessions help with renewed energy levels, goal setting and motivation.

It is completely understandable that the past eighteen months have left workers feeling unmotivated, sluggish, unable to concentrate and self-critical.

Employees are now more likely to procrastinate and feel overwhelmed, even by the simplest of tasks.

Hypno-motivation sessions can help the person reset their flawed, subconscious thinking methods that are preventing them from reaching goals, being productive and taking initiative.

Whether the employee lacks motivation due to a fear of success, the negative repercussions of the pandemic or feeling insecure in the current work climate, hypo-motivation sessions can help them to find the root cause of the problem.

4. Problems with sugar or food addiction? Or perhaps you’re struggling to sleep? Hypnotherapy sessions can help!

One of the most concerning aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic is the emergence of new bad habits or addictions.

People react to stressful situations in different ways. For some, indulging in sweet treats and sugary snacks might be a great comfort, while for others, excess consumption of junk food or alcohol helps them to dull the pain of what is happening around them.
Many people have reported sleeping problems, inability to concentrate, aggressive behaviour and much more since the start of the pandemic.

While there are many methods that can treat these problems, hypnotherapy remains one of the quickest and most effective treatment options.

By helping the person stop the cycle of unhelpful behaviour and dealing directly with the subconscious thought processes behind it, hypnotherapy can benefit those with wide-ranging problems.

5. Wellbeing initiatives show that you care about your employees.

The top way of showing your team that you care about them and value their input is through actions and not just words.

Positive feedback and encouragement can only go so far when times are difficult, and your employees really need help.

Wellbeing initiatives not only help the employee directly, but also send a message that you want to see them succeed and make the most out of their potential.

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