The Basics: Learn How To Use AI To Design Great Facebook Posts

Watch this video first (60 mins long) then use the links below to set up your free accounts.

Remember that Midjouney will take what you say literally.

Your Free account gives you 25 images (25 blocks of 4 variations). Use them wisely.

Use these links to get started:

First, set up a Discord account (it’s free)

Then sign up for a Midjourney account (it’s free)

To learn more about midjourney, read this article.

If you decide to upgrade to a paid account and you want to use midjourney without all the clutter, watch this video.

Discover some cool prompts to enhance your designs at:

This is a great article about a free alternative to midjourney.

You can sign up for and use Bluewillow here:

Another cool resource where you can find lots of ‘Beta’ design tools to test for free:

Once inside Huggingface, Go to ‘spaces’ and select ‘Most likes’ to find the most popular tools.

Check out these popular creative prompts:

dramatic lighting
neon colour line
realistic 3d render
high detail
cyberpunk style
phantasmal iridescent
diagrammatic drawing
watercolour sketch
stained glass window
studio lighting
sharp focus

Aspect ratio prompts to change the standard square format to landscape or portrait in midjourney.

–ar 3:2
–ar 2:3

Example: butterfly, watercolour sketch, –ar 3:2

UPDATE 6th Feb 2023 – You can now have more aspect ratios with version 4. It’s also got a blend feature, better image separation, and more. Check out the video for full details:

UPDATE 7th March 2023 – If you enjoy exploring the different prompts and styles with these AI design tools, check out this site where Will Wulfken shares some amazing experiments. Be warned, this is addictive.

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