How to encourage your Hypnotherapy Clients to become Hypnosis Ambassadors and easily share their praise on Facebook


The Facebook page I’ve created ‘I Love Hypnosis’ acts as a bridge between the Therapist doing great work with a client and the client showing their appreciation by sharing their ‘Experience’ on their personal FB timeline.


Ultimately, conversations about hypnosis occur between the client and their family and friends – turning happy clients into ‘Hypnosis Ambassadors’.

Motivation for creating this concept:

As a therapist and online marketer, I am increasingly aware of the preconceived impressions and barriers that exist around Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy. A week rarely passes without a new client asking, “You’re not going to make me act like a chicken, are you?” or similar. By providing a platform and encouraging our existing clients to share their positive experiences on social media – we can all help to dispel these myths.

How it works:

The therapist shares the ‘I love Hypnosis’ Facebook page address with the client and asks them to share their experience with family and friends. This is not like asking for a review that requires some thought and consideration, it is simply a  case of them selecting one ‘I love Hypnosis post’ from the timeline and clicking ‘share’ – a quick and easy 2 click action.

I have posted ten ‘I love Hypnosis images’ (samples on the right here) these are simple messages/graphics that cover the most common issues that we deal with as Hypnotherapists, and more can be added if necessary. (your suggestions are welcomed)

The post designs:

The images/posts are clean and easily recognisable and look similar to ‘I love NY’

Clear instructions are given to anyone arriving at the Facebook page on the facebook cover image, I’ve also added the suggestion that  – ‘Mentioning your Hypnotherapist in the shared post is a great way of saying thank you’ as a way of getting great exposure for the therapist. Truth is, anyone inquiring about the post with the client will no doubt be given the therapist’s details.

For this to be successful, it relies on Therapists sharing the FB page URL and their clients following through.

The cost of this is ZERO to everyone involved – requires no maintenance and is set to go.

Use this FREE BUTTON to link to

You are free to copy the button on the left and embed it on your website to encourage clients to use this resource. (To copy, left-click and select ‘save image as’ and save to your PC)

Or you can click on it now to view the Facebook page for yourself.