The 4 Stages of Marketing Your Therapy Business

Part 3c. Generating demand for your therapy practice using Facebook Ads (Getting creative)

My Ad writing formula for long Copy Ads

Before I give you a simple template to help you write compelling long copy for your first FB ad and some important rules about FB images and text. I want to draw your attention to Facebook’s advertising compliance rules:

“Ads must not contain content that asserts or implies personal attributes. This includes direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person’s race, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or practices, gender identity, disability, medical condition (including physical or mental health), financial status, voting status, membership in a trade union, criminal record or name”

Specifically, for ads relating to a disability or medical condition

FB Compliant Examples:

✅”Bulimia counselling available”

✅”Depression counselling”

✅”New diabetes treatment available”

FB Non-compliant Examples:

❌”Do you have diabetes?”

❌”Depression getting you down. Get help now.”

❌”Treat your anxiety with these helpful meditation techniques.”

What this means is, clarity and transparency are paramount.

By now you’re probably thinking, “how can I promote my Hypnotherapy services without asserting or implying personal attributes about someone’s health”

The simple answer is, there are no simple solutions to this, and you will need to test your ideas, but only after you have given them thorough consideration based on the compliance rules above.

Over the next few weeks, I will test all 3 advertising headings to see if they get flagged by FB.

  1. Warning: clicking on this HYPNOSIS Demonstration link may result in unexpected side effects.
  1. Sleep hypnosis for Menopause
  1. The 5 Simple sleep hacks for deeper sleep

Step #1 in the Ad process is creating your heading, this gets viewers to read your ad. Even though the first thing they see is your ad image, always work on your ad heading first. The design follows function. Without a clear direction (ad heading) the image design can lose its purpose.

I’ll use headline #1 as the long copy example for this article.


Beginning of Ad text:

Warning: clicking on this Hypnosis Demonstration link may result in unexpected side effects.

It can result in:

💤Amazing sleep

🛏️Experience a Deep Sleep Hypnotic session (many people continue into deep sleep afterward)

My mind used to be overactive…😞 It was really bad.

Then I discovered self-hypnosis 💡

My life was never the same again, it was a ‘night and day’ experience (pardon the pun)

Self-hypnosis enabled me to turn off the mental chatter and enter a state of deep relaxation that I never thought possible.

That is HUGE for someone who joined a meditation class at age 15 (I’m such a geek) 🤔

Now I want to share this experience with you, in person, because not everyone finds it easy to learn from books or videos. So, here’s your chance to experience this – I have set aside 3 spaces in December to deliver a FREE DEEP SLEEP HYPNOSIS Demonstration.

Join me, click on the link below and secure your free seat. ⬇️ ⬇️

🧍 “Kev’s voice is so relaxing with a soft tone. He has shown me lots of techniques to enable me to relax and guided me through different ways to be in the present and look after my own well-being. I highly recommend Kev if you feel you need clarity and ways to support your own mental health and lifestyle”

During the 60-minute session, you will discover how to…

🔥Clear your mind of intruding thoughts

🛏️Experience a Deep Sleep Hypnotic session (many people continue into deep sleep afterward)

👍Set up your own Deep Sleep ‘trigger word’

I am limiting the places to 30 per date.

Please only register for one date to give everyone a chance to experience this.

Secure your place now ⬇️⬇️

[Add link here again]

End of Ad text


The reason why I choose a long copy style advert is to enable me to tell a story.  As Hypnotherapists, it is too easy to assume that our potential clients are aware of what we do and do not have any reservations. Our role is to educate them and build comfort and trust.

There are a lot of stigmas associated with Hypnosis – never forget that when you start to write your ads. I have pitched this ad as a demonstration. The word ‘free’ and ‘demonstration’ sit comfortably together, If I only used the word ‘free’ it may trigger a ‘what’s the catch’ response.

The formula I used is:

  1. Highlight the issue
  2. Show some empathy
  3. How it affected me
  4. Turning point
  5. What it meant to me to change
  6. Create credibility and trust
  7. How they can experience it
  8. Call to action
  9. Social proof
  10. Bullet points/benefits
  11. Call to action/scarcity

You’ll also notice that I use plenty of emoji peppered among my text. These help to break the copy up and visually tell a story😊. You can find lots here for free

It is also important to consider the tone you are writing in. If your audience is predominantly female, use a softer tone, and ‘feeling’ words that flow. If your audience is predominantly male, use language that resonates with them, shorter words that hit home with a punch.

The next step is to create the ad image. I use Canva for all my Fb ads and most of my artwork these days. It is versatile, simple to use, and saves me a fortune in stock images.


Here’s a couple of ad images I’ll test for this ad. It is important to test your ads as much as possible. What we may think is a stunning image may not always appeal to our target audience.

Because my audience research indicates that women between 40 and 55 are more likely to click on my ad, my image choices reflect this. 

NOTE: If you decide to add some text to your image, make it specific and not take up more than 20% of the image space. Fb will reject ads that overuse text on images by 20% or more.

This is how my ad looks on Facebook once live:

I created two versions; the only difference was the image. This is a simple way to split test ads by testing one element at a time. I could also test locations/age groups and a myriad of other variables, depending on the niche.

After a couple of days, I would expect one ad to perform better than the other. In which case I would turn off the low-performance ad and run the successful ad to the end of the campaign or duplicate that ad and test another element. With experience, you will get a feel for a good place to start and what to test. Because your niche (hypnotherapy) is so broad, you will have fun testing and experimenting. Once you have your niche audience and ad fine-tuned you can set and forget it and watch the inquiries come pouring in.

Below is an image of the landing page that visitors arrive at once they click on the ad link:

As you can see from the image above, visitors are provided with clear instructions, can read about other’s experiences of working with me, and can book their seats online using the simple automated booking system.

As soon as someone books their seat, the scheduling app sends me an email notification and sends them the link to the session, as well as follow up emails prior to the event. My preferred booking app is

NOTE: I received my first booking for this free DEEP SLEEP group session less than 12 hours after the ad went live.

Below is a screen capture of the expanded advert.

🔥In the next article, I’ll talk about identifying your target audience using tools within Facebook and why niching is the best way to focus your energy, attention, and resources when it comes to self-promotion. Paid or unpaid.

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