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How to Change Your Relationship with Sugar in 3 Simple Steps

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Why You Need to Overcome Your Sugar Addiction

We’ve all been there. We experience a lack of energy, low mood, fatigue or even boredom, and we reach for that bar of chocolate, stack of cookies or doughnut.

While sugar can give you an immediate high and help you to feel momentarily better due to your spiking blood sugar levels, these levels will soon come crashing right down and you will end up feeling worse.

This is known as sugar addiction and its effects are even more far-reaching than developing Diabetes. This article will briefly explain the dangers of sugar addiction and why you need to overcome this to live a healthy, happy and long life.

To counteract your crashing blood sugar level, you are tempted to reach for another sugary treat, and so the cycle continues indefinitely until your body can no longer cope these fluctuating sugar levels and you eventually become pre-diabetic or get Type 2 Diabetes.

The alternative to these sugary fixes is low- or no-calorie sweeteners, like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose. The problem is, according to 37 detailed studies published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal., low- or no-calorie sweeteners are linked to weight gain, not weight loss, and lead to a higher risk for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart attacks, and stroke.

Evidence also suggests that low- or no-calorie sweeteners can have a negative impact on blood sugar and disrupt your gut bacteria. Once again putting you at risk of obesity and related health problems.

The number of Americans who are obese or overweight is estimated to be 71 percent according to the Centers for Disease Control. Plus, over the last 30 years diabetes cases have nearly tripled.

Is sugar really evil?
Sugar is everywhere and it is difficult to see how it can be evil if we are all consuming it.

However, if you consider that the very first sugar plantations in the USA were only successful due to the slaves who were imported from Africa and the Caribbean, you will begin to see a pattern.

Today, child labour is prevalent in countries that supply 33% of all sugar consumed in the UK.

Known as “the hunger crop” due to the low prices paid to farmers and workers, those producing – and their children – are often forced to go without adequate food and nutrition and deprived in three main areas: health, education, and basic living standards.

The Politics of Sugar
Sugar is a multi-million-dollar industry, and it is not in their best interests to highlight the dangers of this substance and we continue to consume it in excess.

The devastating health effects of sugar addiction
The average Western diet contains far too much sugar, and this can cause a whole host of diseases and conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, digestive complaints and much more.

A higher percentage of the population than ever before now have conditions linked directly to excessive sugar and these numbers will only get worse if we don’t do anything about it.

For many decades, we have been told that the usual suspect ‘fatty foods’ cause weight gain, but nutritionists state that we actually need healthy fats for normal human metabolism and processes. Furthermore, experts believe that a high sugar diet leads to an increase in appetite and is linked to being overweight and obese.

Unlike previous generations, our current lifestyles of convenience food, takeaways and rich foods mean that we are continuously putting ourselves at risk of health issues due to excessive sugar consumption.

Another sad fact is that we are now living in a world where our young generation may be the first not to outlive their parents due to their sugar-laden diets, lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyles.

Still not convinced?
You only have to speak to friends, family and acquaintances living with sugar-induced health conditions, diseases and complaints to understand the very real dangers that sugar poses.

There are also some sobering documentaries discussing the dangers of sugar addiction that should be enough for anyone to decide to take action. Excellent examples include ‘That Sugar Film’. “Sugar Crash”, “Fed Up” and many more.

Once you have watched one of these documentaries, you will understand why you need to do something today if you want to live a healthy life.

What can be done about my sugar addiction?
The good news is that it is possible to overcome your sugar addiction and live your best life.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be a highly effective method of addressing even the most severe sugar addictions.

The only requirement is that you need to want to overcome it and make the change.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you to get the results you deserve.

Since I started running these sessions I’ve heard a version of this dozens of times: “It feels like my desire to eat sugary snacks has completed gone – I cannot explain it but it works for me”  

    Click on the images below to watch these insightful videos. ‘That Sugar Film’ will tell you all you need to know about the dangers of sugar consumption.

    How 3 Years With No Sugar Changed My Life | by Sarah Wilson

    When I first quit sugar, I treated it as an invitation to try out a new way of living, just to – you know – see how it went (It went well, thanks!).

    My physical and mental health were transformed in a matter of weeks.

    146 REASONS SUGAR RUINS YOUR HEALTH by Nancy Appleton, Ph.D.

    When you read the following list of science-referenced, health-compromising consequences that are associated with sugar consumption, we are hopeful that it will have a profound impact on you.

    Remember, what you put in your body determines what you get out of it performance-wise. T