My story as an entrepreneur starts back in 1981 on a cold November morning. I’d been working for 2 years in a local engineering company as a trainee Draughtsman and was hating every moment. The days dragged on and at 18 years old – I was struggling to accept this as my lot in life.

Moments earlier I’d informed the personnel department that I was leaving to pursue a more creative career -as with most office settings, news of my departure quickly filtered back to my colleagues.

Then something happened that changed the course of my life forever. Sat at my desk, daydreaming about a future free from the stench industry – I was snapped back into the present by these sage words “live your life by this rule and you won’t go far wrong lad”

One of the draftsmen with whom I had never spoken, an elderly gentleman who kept himself to himself – handed me a ripped piece of paper with some words scribbled in pen. I thanked him – He smiled a knowing smile and returned to his board.

I glanced the note, smiled to myself and slipped it into my jean’s pocket and ended up using it as a bookmark.

Many years later I discovered that the words are part of a poem by James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose (25 October 1612 – 21 May 1650.

Since then my life has taken many courses, I started a design and print businesses within 12 months of leaving my draftsman’s job, have employed 100’s of people, lost everything, found it all again and recently trained as a counsellor.

Today my work allows me the opportunity to help fellow entrepreneurs across the globe. I spend my days writing sales copy for a wide range of products and services, help start-ups find a voice and share my business experience and knowledge wherever I can – my journey has given me the courage to trust in myself and others and to never give up.

We all experience defining moments in life. I was privileged to experience mine at a very young age.

What’s your defining moment? Do you recognize it or hasn’t it shown up yet?

Sometimes our defining moment gets blurred or hidden by the ‘busyness’ of life. You may have missed it!

If you’d like help to gain some clarity about your true purpose in life, register for a free discovery session today. Sometimes It only takes a moment to change your life forever.

Here’s a photo of that piece of paper from 1981 (Click on the green cross to enlarge)